Coggan's Farm

Coggan's Farm

Project: Refurbishment of a listed building

Location: Lower Holditch, Devon

Contract: Building contract directly with client


Major refurbishment of a listed building including the conversion of an attached barn into a stunning kitchen and dining area.

Client Comments

Undertaking a renovation is always a complex and difficult task. Add in an old building and even older barn to integrate, the fact that you live 150 miles away and have to work to pay for it and a budget that requires constant tweaking and you have yourself a potentially explosive mix. This is the situation we found ourselves in after we purchased a 19th century farmhouse back in 2013.

Following extensive remodelling by our architects we then faced the task of finding someone to turn the dream into reality. We put the job out to tender with several reputable building companies in the area, one of which was mew developments. From the very earliest part of the process the relationship with Joe was different to other contractors He was very personable and easy to talk to from the out. I knew that who I chose to do the work on the farm could mean the difference between success and failure and also between enjoyment and frustration on my part. Joes appointment as our main contractor was probably the single best decision I made throughout the renovation process ( and there were a lot of decisions).

From early on he was willing to work hard at finding compromise to hit budget constraints. Communication would be key as I would only be on site once every week or two. My commitment to Joe was to make timely decisions and his in return was to send what must have been gigabytes of information, progress photos and detailed queries and suggestions to me on a daily basis. The process worked well. There are always going to be glitches on a job, but it's how you resolve them that's the real key issues. There was plenty of honest discussions during the build, but at no time did our relationship change from anything but positive, collaborative and respectful.

At the end of thousands of decisions, I have a building we are proud of, which was a pleasure to renovate and is a testament to Joe and the teams eye for detail and craftsmanship. The lads on the job were all incredibly friendly, hard working and skilled. For me this period was life affirming and it's very rare that people say that about a house renovation. Thanks to Joe Grenville and the team.



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