The Crow's Nest


The Crow's Nest

Project: New build

Location: Lyme Regis

Contract: Building contract with client administered by architect

Replacement lightweight timber framed dwelling on cliff side location in Uplyme, Lyme Regis providing 150sqm of internal floor area. Due to the limited access it was decided early on to construct the property on site rather than using SIPs panels.

Due to very unstable ground conditions and subsidence the previous 2 houses have been demolished. After the demolition of the previous property on the site we introduced a piled foundation with ground beam. 

The design then called for a steel grillage which forms the basis of an innovative design allowing re-leveling following anticipated land movement. This is the third house constructed on this site in the last fifty years.

The property is larch clad all over, including all the walls and roof, giving a very modern look. A number of angles have been incorporated into the design to enhance the look.

Client Comments

“I was given the name of Joe Mew from a local ‘’born and bred’’ Lyme Regis resident and that is always a good way to start. First impressions also count and from our first meeting I felt that Joe was down to earth, honest and thoughtful and I knew that our house required a builder with all of these characteristics. 

The Crows Nest was built following significant landslip and subsidence which required the previously existing house to be demolished. The site itself brought plenty of sensitivities and complexities being in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, a Unesco World Heritage Site and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. To add to the difficulties we wanted to build a contemporary house with complex foundations that allowed the house to be re-levelled with a series of hydraulic jacks in the event that we had further subsidence. It was also a very bespoke and intricate design that required a builder that was both considered and diligent. 

The end result has exceeded all our expectations and is a truly fantastic house. Working with Joe and Grenville of Mew Developments has also made it a fun and exciting project to work on. Too often building a house can be both stressful and full of financial shocks but this was never the case with Mews. We worked on a relatively open book basis and I always felt that I could trust them both on quality and price. Exactly what you want from your builder!”

“It was during the early stages of building our house that I realised I had a builder that was prepared to go above and beyond what you would normally expect. During the sub structure phase we found that some of the engineering and architectural details contradicted each other. In my experience this is a classic situation that many builders would use to their advantage in terms of extending program and/or cost increases. This was not the case with Mew Developments and instead they just worked even harder to resolve matters and it was clear that they really cared about what they were doing.

Throughout the project we encountered the usual problems around information flow and details and in all cases Mew Developments were diligent and considered and always with a very pro active, positive and can-do mentality. Their communication style was also exceptionally good and particularly for us as remote clients we would receive a full set of photographic updates every Friday that allowed us to track progress.

Very early on in the project we decided that we would not appoint a separate Project manager as we wanted the direct contact with Joe and Grenville from Mew Developments. That decision rewarded us with a builder that was a pleasure to work with and who built a house of really outstanding quality in every area. They made the project exciting, fun and we now have a house that we are immensely proud of.”



Hornbeam Cottage
Tappers Knapp
Uplyme, Lyme Regis
Dorset DT7 3TW







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